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Well I Have Been Listening to the gorillaz when ever i was Listening to my IPod for the last 2 months.hehe ( i never get tired of there songs) and i got Plastic Beach When it First Came Out. I Was Soooo Happy I did not have to Wait For it anymore. xD ( i am not the kind of person who like to wait for stuff lol ) And So My Fav Song Out Of Plastic Beach Would Have To Be Rinestone eyes, Stylo,Superfast Jellyfish,On Melancholy Hill And Pirate Jet. =] But i do like All The Songs On the Plastic Beach Album.

Help Bail Out! (Gorillaz.com)


Well Today I Found Some Realy Good AMV`s and stared to watch PPGZ. ^_^
well i don`t realy have anything else to put here.